Ready-Made Meals

We love to cook, and we cook a lot, with an ever-growing range of delicious, ready-made meals, salads, sauces and much more, whipped up daily by our by team of chefs in our bustling production kitchen (did we mention we love to cook?). It’s convenience and comfort all in one, a night off from the kitchen to enjoy hearty food that tastes like home. Using family recipes handed down over generations, we make everything from lasagna, Italian meatballs, cannelloni and risotto, to assorted soups, quiches and pies. And we give you choice with gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options like vegetable lasagne and vegan cauliflower nuggets. Or if you’re cooking yourself, we’ll give you a hand with accompaniments like our traditional pasta sauces or rustic potato mash. As mad foodies, we have the ultimate pantry at out fingertips filled with premium fresh produce, selected meats from our in-store butcher, and a quality array of condiments.                 There’s a ton of love and commitment that goes into the preparation of our meals – the stock used in risottos and soups, for example, is nurtured by our chefs for up to three days. We only make food we love to eat, and we know you’ll love it too.