Italy to Australia

Nonno Pasquale comes to Australia from Reggio Calabria, Italy. Starts working with Main Roads Department and on a farm at Warrimoo Road, St Ives.


La Famiglia

The rest of the family immigrate to Australia (including a young Domenic).


Farm life

Nonno Pasquale leases a farm on Old Illawarra Road, Menai. In addition to playing cards with his mates, he grows tomatoes, eggplants and potatoes for Sydney Markets.


Farm to shop

Nonno Pasquale decides it would be better if he sold the produce himself, so he leases a shop in Top Ryde.


Domenic joins the trade

A 15 year old Domenic leaves his hairdresser aspirations behind and joins the family fruit shop in Hillsdale.


The family business

The family sells the successful Hillsdale store and open another shop in the new demographic of Marrickville. They continue on in this fashion (buying, improving and then selling shops) with Five Ways at Kingsford Markets (1972), then Moorebank (1975).


Domenic and Son

Domenic has his first son, Pasquale. The family move to self service and open a new style of fruit shop in South Hurstville.


Another shop

The family move on to open a fruit market in Campbelltown, which is sold before doing a stint in Mt Colah.


Domenic and Sons

Son number two, Tony, is born.


More shops and Forestway

After selling their successful Mt Colah shop, the family open a store in Northmead that is built from the ground up. Meanwhile, in Terrey Hills, the iconic tin shed 'fruit stall' is re-built into the store you still see standing today.


Even more fruit shops

The family continue to open, transform and sell successful fruit shops all over Sydney, including a store in Penrith (1990), Fairfield (1992) and Northmead again (1997). Tony joins the industry straight out of school and Pasquale pursues various careers before also joining the family at the Northmead shop.


Forestway Fresh is born!

Domenic discovers the closed-down landmark fruit barn in Terrey Hills and sells his vision for the store to his two sons. Et voila! Forestway Fresh is revamped and reopened under the new management of Domenic, Pasquale and Tony Polistina.


Forestway facelift

Building upgrades and extensions commence on the iconic store, which is now recognised as one of Sydney's premium food stores.


Forestway Tasting Deck opened!

Renovations concluded for the new store's cafe, the Tasting Deck. The playground opened shortly after.


Forestway's renovations were completed!

The new look store opened its doors in 2018. It is looking So Fresh!