Forestway Fresh fruit buckets are all about quality and tradition. If you think they contain second-rate produce you'd be mistaken.
Fruit buckets, a concept said to have begun in the 1950s in Sydney, are actually a very effective way to protect produce against damage. Forestway Fresh only uses premium grade produce to fill their buckets which, depending on what fruit it is, come in small, medium and large sizes. They're cheaper, but only because of size.
"Usually, the fruit in the buckets is of a smaller size compared to the produce sold on the stacks", explains Pasquale Polistina, whose family established Forestway Fresh in 2003.
"For example, bananas sold on the stack are classified as 'extra-large', whilst the ones used in the buckets are classified as 'large'. They still come from the same top-class growers and are selected using the same rigorous criteria we adopt for all our fresh produce." Phew! Thank goodness we clarified that one!