Kobe beef is said to be the finest beef in the world, prized for its flavour, tenderness and fatty well-marbled texture. It has a high degree of fat marbling that melts at low temperatures, so it literally melts in your mouth! Kobe beef is a form of Wagyu beef derived from Tajima cattle, purebread seeding cattle raised in Japan's Hyōgo prefecture. To qualify as Kobe beef, there’s a strict grading system to ensure premium quality. Requirements include that cattle are of pure Tajima lineage, born and raised in Hyōgo, and that the meat must have a fat marbling ratio of 6+ and be A5 top grade. So how will you know it’s authentic? Just look for the Japanese chrysanthemum symbol on the pack. *Forestway Fresh is proud to be the first retailer in Australia with a licence to sell Kobe beef!